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Embed Predictive Analytics

Logi makes it easy to add machine learning and predictive insights to your application.

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“Embedding predictive analytics is the #1 capability in product roadmaps.”

2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report

The Possibilities of Predictive Analytics

Leading companies use predictive analytics to:

  • Reduce customer churn
  • Detect fraud in transactions and invoices
  • Reduce machine downtime
  • Identify high-risk healthcare patients
  • Boost sales through targeted promotions

No Code Platform

Logi Predict is the only solution that makes it easy for developers to embed, scale, and maintain predictive analytics.

  • No need to learn R, Python, or statistical modeling
  • Designed for product managers and developers to use
  • Wizard automates a 14-step process into an intuitive 3-step process

Accurate Insights for Unique Requirements

Your application is one of a kind. You need predictive analytics that flexes to meet your specific needs.

  • Build and test different models to find the best one for your business
  • Uncover patterns hidden in your data
  • Fine tune parameters to improve accuracy
Unique Requirements

Embed a Seamless Experience

Logi Predict is designed to match your brand:

  • Engage users with insights that look and feel like the rest of your application
  • Use custom themes, CSS, and JavaScript for global branding
  • Your developers control the look, feel, and functionality

What I like most about Logi is that it gives us capabilities to customize for our needs, especially from a branding perspective. We’re delivering a cohesive experience to our customers.

Aspen Dental Logo Tanvir Rahman, Aspen Dental, Senior Director of BI Meet our Customers
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Take Action In the Application

Empower end users to take action or trigger a process without leaving your application. It’s easy to embed predictive analytics at every decision point in your workflows.

Action Dashboard


Logi Predict leverages what you already have:

  • Uses your existing security infrastructure
  • Works with your data in place
  • Scales horizontally with your application
  • Deploys on premises, in the cloud, or in any hybrid configuration
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