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Logi Info is a platform for embedding analytics into the applications workers use every day, rapidly creating analytic applications, deploying scalable dashboards and reports, and delivering managed self-service analytics to business users.



Dashboards & Reports

Dashboards and reports are core to delivering information.

Logi Info enables app developers to quickly create and deploy interactive dashboards, reports, and visual analytics for any number of users. With Logi, end-users can discover new insights and author dashboards and reports without the help of IT—they can select from managed data sources, visualize data in intuitive ways, create dashboards and reports via drag-and-drop, and easily share and schedule reports from a central interface.

Information Portals

Information portals are ideal for displaying data from disparate systems in a single place where anyone can access the data and applications needed to do their work.

Portals created with Logi connect to any data source and any application in order to present and distribute information to any audience. Logi integrates with any security model to adopt the user rights and roles already established. Access is provided on any device in a scalable, secure, and personalized way.

Interactive Mobile Apps

Logi applications are available to all users regardless of device, avoiding the high cost of platform-specific development.

Because Logi produces industry-standard HTML5 output, our rich interactive applications are instantly accessible on Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows mobile devices. Logi optimizes the use of mobile device screens through a responsive user interface and provides the touch interactivity today’s users demand.

Logi Info applications can also be embedded within native mobile apps, offering the same functionality and interactivity as the browser-based content.

Operational Front Ends

Legacy operational systems are often limited by their clunky interfaces, lack of extensibility, and inability to integrate with other applications.

Logi addresses these limitations by giving users a clean, intuitive way to access information from secure web interfaces and interact with one or more systems. In addition, data can be streamed in real time to provide up-to-the-second views of vital metrics.

With support for database write-back, integrated workflows, and process initiation, users can update source systems to maintain systems of record while staying within the context of the application.



Tailor the end-user experience to specific needs and tech requirements.


Embed analytics into the applications users work with every day.


Deploy to any numbers of users, inside or outside your organization.

Rapid Development Environment

Create applications fast, and iterate even faster. Logi Info’s unique “Elemental Design” approach enables fast time to market, agile development and iteration cycles, and low impact on development resources through the configuration of pre-built application elements. The platform provides a rich set of out-of-the-box capabilities, with a continually updated library of hundreds of elements for data visualizations, dashboards, and reports; self-service analysis; interactivity options; user input controls; data source connectors; and processes. Logi Info promotes version control and collaborative development by producing output compatible with source control systems such as GIT and TFS.

Interactive Visualizations and Analysis

Don’t just see the data, engage with it. Logi Info provides a rich set of HTML5- and JavaScript-based charts and client-side interactive visualizations. These include heat maps, gauges, geographic maps, waterfall charts, and other advanced visualizations; interactive data tables with in-cell graphics; and grouped, cross-tab reports with drill-down and drill-through. Users can interact with the data to focus on the specific metrics of interest, drill into related visualizations to explore deeper, or connect with external or embedded applications to take action on insights. Logi Info also provides self-service capabilities empowering end users to independently create and configure visualizations without technical help.

Connect to Any Data Source

Bring together all your data into a single view. Logi Info can connect to any data source, including relational databases, big data repositories (such as NoSQL, Hadoop, and columnar data stores), cloud services, Web Services, and flat files. The platform also leverages a plug-in model that extends support for proprietary data sources or for adhering to customized security requirements. Insights from multiple databases and application sources can be displayed together by blending data into a single visualization, dashboard, or report. Unlike monolithic BI systems, with Logi Info there’s no need to build complex data models or ETL. Additionally, with support for database write-backs and process initiation, end users can update source systems in the same context as their analysis, increasing user efficiency.

Flexible Security and Multi-Tenancy

Create once and deploy for all. With Logi Info, you can create an application just once and deploy it to many customers. The platform provides fine-grained user access control across every layer of the application − reports, charts, application functions, and data columns and rows. Single sign-on integration is supported for any security framework or application, including LDAP, Windows Active Directory, and custom databases that store user profiles. The Logi SecureKey feature supports server-side passing of credentials from custom applications for embedded use cases. Logi Info does not store user information, thus simplifying security integration and removing the overhead of continuously synchronizing user profiles. Software as a Service providers can easily configure security regardless of whether their customer data is stored in unique databases or in multi-tenant/co-mingled data sources.

Web Architecture

Easily deploy and scale implementations. Logi Info is designed for easy web deployment on .NET and Java application platforms. Applications can be deployed to any major infrastructure, whether on premise with your end users, hosted at your data center, or in a cloud-based infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Unlike traditional BI systems that require proprietary servers or a heavy metadata layer with ETL processing, Logi Info reduces both the cost and time to deliver value to end users. In addition, the lightweight web architecture enables organizations to utilize widely known techniques to deploy and scale implementations, minimizing costs and investment in proprietary technologies.

Customization and Extensibility

Don’t be shackled by other BI solutions. Logi Info has an open architecture that provides developers with unmatched flexibility to customize the look and feel of their applications and extend the functionality of the platform to meet custom requirements. Custom themes, CSS, and Javascript can be employed to create unique user interfaces aligned with your brand. Logi Info can incorporate third-party data visualizations and controls (including JQuery) to meet specific requirements of your use case or industry. The platform also supports a plug-in model that extends its capabilities to execute business logic, implement proprietary algorithms, or comply with desired data handling procedures.


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