Self-Service Analytics for the Workgroup

Logi Vision is the first visual analytics application designed for workgroup collaboration. Vision empowers business users to acquire data, analyze information, create visualizations, and share insights for faster, better-informed decisions.



Data Connectivity

Logi Vision makes it easy to connect all of your data – wherever it resides. Users can upload spreadsheets and .csv files directly into the application or use pre-built connectors for a wide variety of business applications, including Salesforce.com, Google Analytics, Quickbooks, Twitter, Facebook, MS Dynamics, and more. Users can even connect to data from corporate SQL-compliant databases.

Data Mashup & Prep

Once connected to your data source, Logi Vision automatically profiles and prepares the data for easier analysis. Users can then blend different sources together to uncover new patterns, all without coding. This enables them to focus on the higher value-add analysis that will drive faster insights and improve company performance.

Guided Analysis

Logi Vision provides users with guided data exploration to drive faster insights. Our recommendation engine uses algorithms based on industry best practices to automatically suggest best-fit visualizations for the underlying data. Vision lets users quickly iterate through multiple visualizations to glean insights and uncover key patterns and trends.

Social Collaboration

Logi Vision empowers users to collaborate on insights to speed decision-making and improve accuracy. Using popular social techniques such as notes, tags, and ratings, Vision taps into the collective intelligence of the workgroup to develop a shared understanding of company performance.



Powerful tools automate the traditionally time-consuming work of preparing, modeling, and profiling data for analysis.


Guided visual exploration and a comprehensive recommendation engine help you visually discover insights faster.


A social community enables you to see, search, and organize the most relevant analysis to leverage your team’s collective intelligence.

Data Preparation

Simplify data complexity. Making data useful doesn’t have to be difficult. Logi Vision profiles and automatically shapes your data it in a way that makes sense for analysis. Vision empowers all users to make data-driven decisions, regardless of their technical expertise. With Logi Vision, everyone can spend less time preparing data and more time analyzing it to quickly uncover insights and influence important decisions.

Dynamic Binning

Let your data speak. Logi Vision automatically groups data into intuitive bins, such as income bands from salaries; age ranges from ages; or weeks, months, or quarters from dates. Vision empowers users to quickly and intuitively assess data distributions and patterns using dynamic or custom bins – without the time-consuming and complex data modeling effort.

Interactive Dashboards

Publish your most powerful insights. Dashboards are core to delivering information and analytics understanding across the enterprise. Logi Vision’s fully customizable dashboards enable business users to see, interact with, and share visualizations across multiple data sources and projects in a single, consolidated view. To delve deeper into the data and discover new insights, users can bring their colleagues into analytic conversations with curated dashboard visualizations. Logi Vision even increases efficiency by providing individualized views of the insights and metrics that are most important to you.

Social Stream

Stay updated on the latest insights. With Logi Vision’s social activity stream, users can keep track of what their teams are working on in real time. Vision provides a live stream of edits as they are being made and shows the visualizations that are getting the most attention, enabling your team to easily collaborate on important analyses and insights.

Advanced Search

Cut through the clutter. Logi Vision allows users to search visuals based on specific projects, tags, users, or fields – just like they would search tags and follow people on Twitter. Users can also save searches to create a personalized view of the insights and metrics that are most important to them. In fact, Vision even enables you to create dashboards based on customized search criteria.

Secure Sharing

Make analytics a conversation. With Logi Vision, users can employ notes, tags, and ratings to guide colleagues to the visualizations requiring attention. Features like pinning and favorites provide the flexibility to create personalized collections of visualizations. Built-in algorithms determine the rank and relevancy of visualizations based on user activity, so the insights people are discussing the most are displayed prominently.





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