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Learn, Explore, and Connect— the Upgraded Logi Community Experience

By Logi Analytics
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Everyone is looking to connect with people, especially those with shared interests, such as perfecting your application. Our goal at Logi Analytics is to foster connections among peers, while creating a single resource for your product questions (and answers).

When you join the Logi DevNet community, you open yourself up to new learning opportunities, the chance to connect with your peers, and the ability to lead discussions or jumpstart new ideas.

We’ve upgraded our online community to create an indispensable hub for those interested in embedded analytics. This community is your one-stop-shop for discovering the capabilities of Logi products, learning how to use our platform, exploring how real people use Logi, and connecting with those same peers.

With everything at your fingertips, you can learn, connect, and lead using resources to educate yourself and your team, provide insights to your peers, and support other community members.

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One-Stop-Shop for the Logi Analytics Solutions

The first critical element of any online community is having one place to go to that will serve as your source of truth. The DevNet community provides self-service enablement for current users and insights into our product for those looking for a new embedded analytics solution. This upgraded community hosts all relevant product content for every Logi solution in one central location.

Visit the community to find product documentation, the Knowledge Base, code samples, solution-based forums (more on that below), and more. You can quickly find what you’re looking for with our enhanced functions for easy navigation and a product centric search capability.

Get a Personalized Start

When you log into DevNet, you’ll experience the community based on your current Logi solution. You’ll find all types of content tailored to the product your organization uses.

Not a current Logi user? You can still search by product.

All community users will be able to get up and running quickly on DevNet with a clear “Getting Started” path built to guide your community journey.

Connect with Your Peers

Do you ever wonder if someone else has found a creative solution to a problem you’re facing? Maybe you like to see how other developers work. Or you just want to share the cool dashboard you just created. That’s where community comes in.

Community members will be able to connect with other Logi users to garner support, share best practices or code snippets, collaborate on projects, provide product insights, and grow together while creating a thriving community of users.

Unlock Experiences

Last but not least, you won’t want to miss the exclusive experiences created for our community. Throughout this year, we will launch several programs to bring users together and help create a space to support and share with one another. Curious to learn what those experiences are? Head over to Logi DevNet today.

Be the first to learn about a new set of features or hear about a meetup (virtual or otherwise) in your area, and more!

Logi DevNet is a community for those interested in embedded analytics. Let your voice be heard, learn from one another, and connect with those sharing a similar experience to you. Register today.

Originally published May 25, 2021; updated on August 12th, 2021

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