Embedded Business Intelligence (Embedded BI)

Embedded business intelligence—or embedded BI—refers to the integration of business intelligence solutions within business process applications or portals. Embedded BI puts capabilities such as interactive dashboards, reporting, predictive analytics, data analysis, and more within existing business applications.

Unlike traditional BI solutions—which usually exist as a standalone portal or data discovery application—embedded business intelligence eliminates the need for end users to jump from their preferred business applications to separate analytic applications. This is one reason why embedded BI has three times higher user adoption than standalone BI tools. Simply put, using one application is easier—and results in greater productivity—than using several simultaneously.

Embedded BI offers value to users by allowing them to glean critical data insights and actionable information inside tools they use every day to perform their jobs. Embedding analytics inside applications prevents users from wasting valuable time toggling back and forth between the business process application and other standalone analytics applications.

Some of the features embedded BI can offer within an application include dashboards, data visualizations, self-service BI, workflow, and write-back.