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in your application.

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82% of teams say time spent in their applications increased after they embedded analytics.

2017 State of Embedded Report, Logi Analytics

Empower Users with Self-Service BI

With embedded self-service analytics, customers help themselves to dashboards and reports without sending more ad hoc requests to IT. You have total control over branding, styling, and personalizing views to make sure every user sees exactly what they need.

Let End Users Customize Their Experiences

Logi enables everyone from your services team, partners, local application owners, and end users to create and share dashboard visualizations. Everyone participates, which means even broadly distributed applications can be tailored to specific companies, teams, or individuals without the burden falling solely on your developers.

Create More Complete Application Experiences

Remove the reasons for users to leave your application. By allowing users to kick off workflows and make changes to the database directly from their dashboards and reports, self-service BI creates a more valuable experience.

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