Architecture Made for Embedding

Your application is unique, and so should be the analytic content and capabilities that you offer to your customers. Logi Info is the best platform to quickly create, integrate, and iterate upon embedded analytics with minimal impact on development resources and infrastructure.

  • With the Logi Info platform, you fully dictate the user experience you offer: choosing from a full spectrum of analytic capabilities (static, interactive, self-service, exploratory) and embedding options (as a separate module versus fully contextual analytics within core application workflows).
  • The flexible and highly granular security layer can adopt the security model of the main application ensuring the proper access for all end users—a necessity for SaaS applications.
  • Our unique development approach enables even complex embedding scenarios to be achieved with minimal coding.
  • The look and feel can be adapted to match your application—your customers will never know Logi Info is running behind the scenes.
  • Deployed on industry standard Web application servers, Logi Info is ready for both cloud or on-premise implementations. 

‚ÄčOEM Engagement Process 

Logi Analytics has a fully dedicated OEM team and a decade of experience in helping hundreds of companies to embed dashboards, reports, and analytics. From visual design to feature selection and integration strategies, we have developed best practices for every type of situation and will work with your team to make them part of your implementation.

  • Structured Evaluation Process coordinated by a Logi OEM Solutions Engineer to ensure your technical requirements are met in a comprehensive fashion
  • Customized licensing aligned to your business model and the way you work with your customers
  • QuickStart package combining product training and best practices to quickly get your project off the ground
  • Professional Services team to engage on specific projects to develop your solution
  • Expert On-Demand to answer your technical questions whenever you have them
  • Customer Success team to ensure the coordination of Logi resources to meet your ongoing strategic and tactical technical needs are being met over time 

Software and SaaS Providers Love Logi Analytics

Time and time again, we hear from software and SaaS providers about the great things their company has achieved after implementing Logi Info as their embedded analytics platform.

  • Create a compelling product offereing
  • Receive industry recognition for their use of analytics in their product
  • Deliver a superior user experience
  • Go to market sooner than originally expected
  • Win more deals and increase sales!

Logi for Embedded Analytics

Why Choose Logi Analytics?

Logi Info is a complete and extensible platform for the creation of uniquely tailored user experiences for your customers in your application. Unlike traditional BI solutions that take an application-centric approach and offer the same end user interface to everyone, Logi Info’s flexibility enables our customers to meet a wide range of requirements and to differentiate the user experience from the competition. No two implementations of Logi embedded analytics need ever look or act the same.

Analytics – Your Way!

With Logi Info, software and SaaS providers quickly deliver core BI and analytics capabilities to a range of business users. These capabilities include interactive dashboards, drill down reporting, self-service data exploration and analysis, custom reporting and visualizations, and benchmarking. The content and capabilities are presented to the user in a variety of ways, such as a standalone analytics application, a module within an existing application, or a set of interactive visualizations that take up an entire page or just a small portion of a page. The packaging and granularity of the analytic content and capabilities is implemented to match the way your users work.

Seamless Embedding for Superior User Experience

To create a great user experience, it is essential for users to quickly and efficiently transition from analysis to action. Analytic content and capabilities can be embedded within the application workflow, and can even be driven by the UI controls of the main application. You can also create analytics-driven application functionality with bi-directional data flows—Logi Info has the ability to call Web Service APIs and write-back to data sources based on user input. The ability to achieve a truly embedded experience enables users to derive insights quickly and take action immediately.

Complete White Labeling Capabilities

To maintain a consistent user experience and preserve the appearance of your brand, the look and feel of embedded analytics can be completely controlled. This includes everything from colors and fonts to data visualizations and input controls. White labeling capabilities are maintained through the use of custom themes, CSS, Javascript, and HTML.

Platform Approach

“One of the main reasons we were named a Gartner Cool Vendor is our analytics capabilities and these are largely because we implemented Logi Info.” Wiard Hidding, Director Strategic Projects & Product Owner, Interactive Medica

Logi Info optimizes the process of creating and modifying embedded analytic content through a configuration intensive approach instead of a code intensive approach. The unique “Elemental Design” Approach enables short time-to-market, agile development and iteration cycles, and low impact on development resources.

Leverage Your Team’s Existing Skill Sets

Implementing even the most complex embedding scenarios requires minimal coding:

  • HTML and Javascript for contextual embedding at the presentation tier
  • Server-side code for security integration
  • SQL for data retrieval Embedding of analytic content leverages the skill sets and methodologies of your existing development team, fast-tracking new features to market.

Rich Set of Capabilities Out-of-the-Box

Logi Info provides a continually updated library of elements to embed:

  • Data visualizations and dashboards
  • Self-service analysis
  • Interactivity options
  • User input controls
  • Data source connectivity
  • Processes and API connectors

This allows our customers to stay on top of current trends in data visualization design, while supporting short development cycles.

Mobile Ready Development

Logi Info generates standard HTML and HTML5 which means content and interactivity is available on browserbased applications as well as embedded within native mobile apps. Analytic content will automatically resize and rearrange visual elements to optimize use of the screen on the mobile device. Logi applications can also automatically utilize features available to mobile devices, such as numeric input screens, messaging, and mapping apps. With Logi Info, mobile deployments avoid the high cost of platformspecific development, and are readily available to all users regardless of device.

Rapid Application Development Approach

“We had a planned integration timeframe of 3 to 6 months. We were very surprised and happy to have a fully integrated product within the first 30 days.” Shane Edmonds, Chief Technology Officer, Motionsoft

Logi Info is built on and for the leading industry Web application platforms. Because it is deployed on industry standard Web application servers, Logi Info can easily be deployed to every major onpremise, hosted, or cloud based infrastructures. Unlike traditional BI systems, proprietary servers and a heavy metadata layer with ETL processing is not a pre-requisite to delivering value to customers. The lightweight architecture allows customers to utilize widely known techniques to deploy and scale, minimizing costs and investment in proprietary technologies.

Flexible Security Model with Deep MultiTenancy SaaS Support

Minimal effort is required to implement and manage the desired security controls. The Logi Info security model digests the user roles and rights from the main application and does not require separate storage or maintenance of user records. Parameterdriven and highly granular security features control access and visibility across multiple levels: reports, charts, application functions, and data columns and rows. SaaS providers can easily partition access to disparate data sources, as well as dynamically query within multi-tenant/co-mingled data sources. Logi Info is ideal for software providers who want to develop and deploy once for multiple clients.

Flexible Data Tier

Logi Info supports a wide variety of commercial and generic data sources out-of-the-box, including relational databases, Web Service APIs, Big Data sources, and files. Plug-ins can be developed for interacting with uncommon and proprietary data sources. Bi-directional data flow supports writing and updating of data, in addition to data retrieval for analysis. The lightweight approach does not require a metadata layer or an exercise in data modeling. In addition, data from multiple sources can be joined together without the need to stand up an intermediate data store.


Developers can extend the functionality of Logi Info to meet custom requirements as they arise. CSS and Javascript (including JQuery) is typically employed to create unique user interfaces. Custom plug-ins (.NET and Java) can be employed to execute business logic, implement proprietary algorithms, or comply with desired data handling procedures.

Lightweight Web Architecture

“Logi Info’s data exploration features give users the power to answer questions right away. The ability to identify and understand risk and breaches like this in real-time is something that has never been available in our industry before.” Chris Sullivan, Vice President of Product Planning Courion Corporation

Having partnered with hundreds of software and SaaS providers means that Logi Analytics has the experience and expertise to help you successfully complete your embedded analytics initiative – we can provide as much guidance as you need, when you need it.

Structured Evaluation Process

Leveraging years of experience working with software providers, Logi has created a Structured Evaluation Process to ensure that:

  • All required proof points to determine technical fit are met in a comprehensive fashion
  • Technical resources are optimally utilized
  • Appropriate knowledge transfer takes place between teams

A Logi OEM Solutions Engineer will coordinate with your technical team to plan, implement, and deliver this evaluation in your chosen environment, using your data.

Customized Licensing

As an OEM offering, we have recognized that the best way to license our product is to align ourselves as closely as we can to the way you deliver value to your customers. The Logi OEM team will propose the best fit model for you today and account for future growth.

Technical Advisory Services


To get you started as quickly as possible, Logi offers an optimized QuickStart package which encompasses product training and best practices dissemination based on your unique requirements as you kickoff your project.

Training, Support, and Professional Services

In addition to traditional training and support services, the Logi Professional Services team is available to work at your site, at our offices, or virtually, on specific engagements. Typical engagements include user experience design, report and application development, and technical review of existing implementations.

Expert On-Demand

Logi offers the Expert On-Demand program to ensure that our OEM customers have immediate access to skilled consultants without the need for a traditional SOW-based services engagement. A highly skilled application architect is immediately available by phone or Web for best practice guidance and consultation on topics such as security, integration, plug-ins, and complex issues that go beyond the scope of typical product support.

Customer Success Team

The Logi Analytics Customer Success Team is dedicated to providing ongoing oversight and strategic assistance to your technical team. Based upon each specific circumstance, the Customer Success Team works cross-functionally with the Customer Support, Product Management, Training, and Professional Services groups to address your needs as they arise.

The OEM Experience

Why Software and SaaS Providers Love Logi Analytics?

Win More Business

“Reporting has always been one of our competitive advantages. That advantage is now even stronger and our sales cycle has shortened 25-50%.” --Kris Barker - CEO, Express Metrix

“Logi Info was the only product supporting our lean BI thinking. Our new automotive intelligence capabilities provide us a huge competitive advantage.” --Guido Niermann - Director IT, Dataforce
Create Award-Winning Analytics Product “In a recent independent customer satisfaction survey conducted by DMG Consulting, VPI was the only vendor out of 11 to score 5 out of 5 on both dashboards and reporting vs. the category averages of 3.9.” --Mike Mercadante, CTO, VPI “Logi Info is very intuitive and enabled us to go to market quickly at a fair cost. Our application won ‘Best Use of Internet,’ Award.” --Kevin Dodson - Associate Director, Baker Tilly
Superior User Experience Logi Info gives us complete flexibility and control over the look and feel to match our brand and our other products, all within a single platform. Security features allow us to segment the reports to what users need most.” -- Medical Group Management Association “While we don’t hesitate to tell our customers that Logi is running under the covers, we take pride in the fact that it looks and feel like a Courion product that fits into the Courion suite.” -- Chris Sullivan, VP of Product Planning, Courion Corporation
Fast Time to Market “We went through an extensive process for evaluating vendors and found that Logi Info would be both the fastest to integrate and the easiest to deploy.” --David Giles, AVP and General Manager, BMC FootPrints, BMC Track-It!, BMC Software “Building reports with Logi Info takes a quarter of the time previously required, if that. We see a ton of time-savings.” --Nick Neri, VP of Technology and Product Development, PharmaPros
Customized OEM Licensing & Guidance “After the QuickStart session with the Logi consultant on-site, we had a working prototype. We turned on a beta version of application after a month, and we did this with a small number of development resources.” -- Greg Augustine, VP of Operations, Azara Healthcare “We worked with Logi to structure a licensing agreement that allows us to deliver added value to our clients in a very cost-effective manner. Logi professional services have supplemented our team to help us meet key deadlines in our aggressive development schedule.” --Phil Hargrove, Insurance Technology Advisor, Vertafore


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