Meet Logi Symphony

Logi Symphony is a complete suite of low-code, embedded analytics solutions to power your application.

Logi Symphony

A Suite of Solutions

With the Logi Symphony package subscription you get access to Logi’s full suite of purpose-built embedded analytics solutions including Logi Composer, Logi Report and Logi Info, complete with the support of Logi’sworld class customer success team, for a single price.

  • Solutions designed for embedded use cases and pricing customized to your business model
  • Allows for predictable cost forecasting that scales with your business
  • Future-proof with Logi Symphony—our entire suite of solutions for one price
  • Scale at cloud speed
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Logi Devices

  • Designed specifically for software teams, Logi Composer delivers the first out-of-the-box development experience for embedded analytics. With Composer’s low-code content authoring interface and customizable self-service you can quickly build and embed interactive dashboards in your application.

  • Logi Report delivers embedded operational and pixel-perfect reporting with the highest level of precision, performance and scale. With a no-code UI and precision control over the properties of every object, you can create any report layout imaginable and seamlessly embed reporting into your application.

  • Logi Info is a 100% extensible and scalable development platform for building highly customized analytics applications. With over 800 pre-build widgets, limitless customization and adaptive security, software teams can build sophisticated analytics applications that serve any number of users.

Embedded Analytics & Reporting

Logi’s award-winning analytics solutions are purpose-built for embedding data visualizations, interactive dashboards, customized self-service, and pixel-perfect reports in your application. With Symphony, you have access to all the latest innovations from Logi for one price under one subscription.


Future-proof Your Analytics Layer

Standardize on fully-documented, developer-grade solutions that deliver advanced analytics capabilities and support sophisticated use cases. Leverage unmatched scale and speed to deliver your roadmap on a timeline that matters.

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Dedicated Expertise

More than 2,200 application teams have trusted Logi to power their businesses with sophisticated analytics. With our singular focus on embedded analytics and a dedicated customer success team for every Logi customer, we are fully committed to your success every step of the way.

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