Logi is founded by Arman Eshraghi

who, like all successful entrepreneurs, saw the future: that the web + technology would transform how people see and use data.


Logi Info is introduced

Logi Info allows developers to rapidly create dashboards and reports, as well as embed analytics into the applications workers use every day.


Our first customer was Emerging Technology Group, now currently known as Telarix – still a customer with us today.

January 2007

Logi’s award-winning Developer Network is built using Logi Info

March 2007

The world takes notice

Logi goes global with international partners NanoBlue (Australia) and Intenda (UK/South Africa).

June 2007

Tech experts take notice

Logi is recognized for innovation and leadership in the Software Development Times 100, and has won several awards since.

December 2007

Investors take notice

Logi raises $5 million in funding from UpData Partners

February 2008

Logi opens a UK office in Reading, England

October 2008

Logi raises $3 million in funding from GroTech Ventures

December 2008

Brett Jackson joins Logi as CEO

March 2009

The competition is put on notice

Gartner lists Logi as a BI Vendor to Watch

March 2011

Logi enters the Gartner Magic Quadrant as a Niche Player

November 2011

Logi raises $10 million in funding from Summit Partners



Logi expands its HQ office in Tysons Corner, VA

January 2013

The Technical Account Management (TAM) team is created to help provide technical and business support to our customers on their architecture, deployment and implementation needs.

February 2013

Logi places on the Gartner Magic Quadrant as a Challenger

March 2013

LogiXML changes its name to Logi Analytics

The new name reflects the company’s leadership position in embedded analytics.


October 2013

Logi raises $27.5 million in funding from LLR Partners & UpData Partners to double product and R&D investment

January 2014

Logi Vision is introduced

Logi Vision enabled business users to intuitively analyze data, create visualizations, and share insights with others.

May 2014

Logi releases its first annual report on the State of Embedded Analytics

July 2014

Logi rolls out its company values. How did it begin? By asking employees to use one word to describe the organization.

October 2014

The Self-Service Reporting Module is introduced

The module enables business users to author their own dashboards and reports.

October 2014

Logi unveils its Best Practices Series

The monthly email series covers the most-requested product tips and tricks designed to help customers get the most out of your investment with Logi.

October 2014

Logi releases its first annual State of Self-Service BI Report and uncovers the vital, opportunities, and evolving trends for self-service business intelligence.

February 2015

The landscape shifts. Logi is the biggest mover on the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

February 2015

Logi announces the Continuum of Self-Service– our framework for the different ways to tailor the analytical experience for your end-users

June 2015
progress logo

Logi Partners with Progress Software

Logi partners with Progress to deliver a joint-solution named OpenEdge Analytics360, a custom analytics platform to help customers unlock the value of their data.

June 2015

Logi launches our customer referral program, rewarding customers for their recommendations.

July 2015

Logi 12 is released, propelling the future of our company forward as it demonstrates that we can move where the market is going and meet emerging customer needs.

July 2015

Logi DataHub is introduced

DataHub makes self-service analytics easy by eliminating concerns around data performance and preparation.

October 2015

Discovery Module is introduced

Now customers can embed Vision’s intuitive data discovery capabilities inside their application.

January 2016
Embedded Analytics 2016

Definitive Guide to Embedded Analytics

Logi releases an eSeries designed to answer any and all questions about embedded analytics, including how to select the right system and what investments are required for success.

February 2016
Gartner Magic Quadrant

Gartner Magic Quadrant – Visionary Status

Logi is positioned by Gartner Inc. as a Visionary in the 2016 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms.

March 2016

Logi Analytics named #1 in Embedded in Gartner Critical Capabilities Report

Logi achieved the highest score for Embedded Bl out of 24 vendors.

April 2016

Logi conducts its fourth State of Embedded Analytics report

Finds user adoption of embedded BI is twice that (43%) of traditional BI

April 2016

Logi Analytics named #1 in Dresner Report

In Dresner Advisory Services’ 2015 Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study, analysts gave Logi Analytics the highest score for its embedded BI features and capabilities.

May 2016

Steven Schneider becomes CEO

Before being named CEO, Schneider served as both Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer.

October 2016

Logi brings customers and partners to Washington, DC to make the most of their Logi investment, improve user adoption, and market their products.

December 2016

Logi reaches 1800 customers!

January 2017

Logi publishes the State of Analytics Adoption Report

Although there are more standalone analytics tools than ever, usage is in a two-year decline – down 20% since 2014.

March 2017

Logi Analytics was once again recognized as a leader in the embedded analytics market Gartner’s 2017 Critical Capabilities Report for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms.

April 2017
analytics maturity model

2017 State of Embedded Analytics finds embedded analytics is adopted 3X more than standalone self-service solutions

June 2017

Logi receives a “Perfect Recommend Score” in Dresner’s 2017 Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study

November 2017

Logi Analytics acquired by Marlin Equity Partners.


Logi Analytics is constantly reimagining how software can empower people, organizations, and products to create, share, and benefit from analytics.

To see more of what we can do for you, explore the Logi Lookbook – our visual portfolio showcasing our best-of content.