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Are you making any of these 3 common mobile BI mistakes?

By Marissa Davis
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Many aspects of our personal lives have moved from the real world to mobile devices. Whether we’re paying bills, reading the news, or making purchases, we’re able to do it all on the go.

This same mobility has also become standard for our work lives. The rise of mobile devices has introduced new requirements for how organizations need to deliver information to users, presenting fresh challenges to BI teams when it comes to designing applications.

So often, though, mobile is an afterthought. If you think that mobilizing your existing BI assets starts and ends at scaling them to a smaller screen, you’re gravely mistaken.

Taking your BI solution to mobile platforms means leveraging traditional assets like reports and dashboards as well as new elements including responsive design, optimized interactive functionality, parameterization, and more.

But many organizations fail to successfully distinguish their desktop BI platforms from their mobile counterparts.  Common mobile BI mistakes, can include:

Assuming BI Goals Are the Same for Desktop and Mobile Devices
The objectives of your mobile BI applications will be very different than those of your desktop versions. Why? Because mobile BI users are rarely the same people as desktop users.

Building Once… then Rebuilding Again and Again
The mobile market is constantly changing in terms of devices, operating systems, and support for different types of content, often making the QA process tedious and time-consuming. Apps that are based on standard HTML5, CSS, and Javascript are mobile-ready and will work across many types of devices and platforms.

Too Much Information, Too Much Design
When building a mobile interface for your BI app, it can be tempting to try to replicate the desktop experience, with all the information drill-downs and design bells and whistles it entails. But mobile Bl dashboards need to complement—not replace or exactly replicate—the experience a user has on a desktop.

So how do you avoid these pitfalls, and mobilize your BI strategy? Download our latest whitepaper for tips and tricks.


Originally published January 19, 2016; updated on August 9th, 2017

About the Author

Marissa Davis is the Corporate Communications Manager at Logi Analytics. She was previously an Account Manager at LEWIS PR, where she managed the public relation activities for a number technology companies. Marissa holds Bachelor degrees in Communication Studies and Technical and Scientific Communications from James Madison University.