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Extend Your Application with Logi Info

By Logi Analytics
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If your company needs to rapidly create and deploy analytics applications, Logi Info could be the appropriate analytics platform to assist. The embedded analytics platform’s capabilities can be tailored to users’ needs and roles inside of your company, with users’ data literacy background also taken into consideration.

Traditional business intelligence software solutions tend to be cumbersome, time-consuming, and expensive, though Logi was careful to develop a more robust, lightweight offering. Logi Info provides rapid creation and deployment of analytics applications, with users able to embed dashboards, reports, and self-service directly into an application. You have the option to build your own custom analytics application that can be a layer in an existing application, or have the application stand by itself.

White Labeling Makes Real-World Impact

Choosing to white label analytics is an absolute must if you plan to deliver the best experience for your customers. The pre-built features and theming capabilities in Logi Info make it possible to completely white label your company’s analytics applications.

The numerous features built into Logi Info enable application teams to have total control over dashboard branding and UI. Its configurability keeps users engaged and allows for customization of analytics applications for multiple use cases. This greatly boosts business value for companies by providing access to well-developed and maintained dashboards with very little upfront work from your team.

Flexibility and Customization are Key

Logi provides incredible flexibility to let you customize the look and feel of your applications based on an extensible solution built with an open architecture and for the Web.

Adding header, footer, and sidebar into an existing application

Logi Info’s complete extensibility makes it even easier to add external elements that meet unique requirements in your business. There is no burden of a longer development cycle, which absorbs more time, money, and resources at your company.

Drag-and-drop dashboard attributes, integrated custom library, and third-party custom components are all supported. You’re also able to process workflows that include email, schedules, alerts, database management, and database write-backs. Quickly editing or learning to remove loud distractions in the dashboard is made even easier with a resource such as the Logi DevNet, an information center and community platform for Logi customers.

Extending an application with additional components, such as the date range picker which allows users to choose date ranges, specific dates, and times

Your developers receive a customized experience through JavaScript and CSS frameworks integrated directly into Logi Info. This is important support when you want to extend your analytics application and add more components to meet unique requirements of your end users. Customization also creates a more robust experience using your application for its end users.

Final Thoughts

Logi takes great pride in offering a robust platform that allows our users to develop dashboards without the need of extensive development or professional services.

The best analytics experience for your users is one that feels like it was created just for them. To meet this need, Logi Info provides flexibility to extend platform functionality when your company needs custom requirements for varying use cases.

Take advantage of the resources available: The Logi Info Sample Center hosts how-to implementation guides for a number of components so you can copy or download sample code directly into your test application database. Want to learn more? Watch our session from Logi Spark 2021 “How To Extend Your Logi Info Application.”

Originally published November 19, 2021; updated on December 3rd, 2021

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