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Visualization Best Practices: Line vs Area Chart

By Jen Senwoo
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Line and area charts may seem simple – in fact they show the same data – but, are you using them properly? Line and area charts show data in very different ways, and our own users testing has found that a lot of people can not read area charts accurately.

So when should you use one over the other? What kind of data you should use to present in both? And what do they really measure? Our resident UI / UX expert Mary Mahling breaks it down in our latest best practice video.

Want to learn other best practices? Let us know what topics you’d like to hear about. And if you are interested in learning Logi product tips and tricks, check out other videos in our best practices series playlist.


Originally published June 27, 2016; updated on August 9th, 2017

About the Author

Jen Senwoo is the Director of Marketing Demand Generation at Logi Analytics, where she is responsible for developing content as well as creating and measuring integrated marketing/sales campaigns to support lead generation and opportunity goals for the organization. She has previously held marketing positions at American University, BroadSoft, and Chevy Chase Bank. Jen holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Robert H Smith School of Business at University of Maryland College Park.