Ultimate Control for a Superior User Experience

Logi Control Hero V1

Go beyond colors and styles with unmatched customization

  • White-labeled so your interface matches the look and feel of your application
  • Globally brand dashboards and reports with custom themes, CSS and JavaScript, including JQuery and D3

Exceed the most stringent reporting requirements

  • Ultra precise, formatted reports with pixel-level accuracy and complete control
  • Export to multiple formats including PDF, Excel, and HTML
  • Schedule large-scale dynamic distribution with clustering, bursting, and scheduling

Seamlessly integrate and extend functionality without iFrames

  • Automate workflows such as email, schedules, alerts, and database management
  • Execute business logic, proprietary algorithms, and security requirements using plug-ins and rest APIs

Ultimate Control

  • While 88% of users rate User-friendliness as very or extremely important in an analytics solution, only 46% report that their analytics solution is User-friendly. – Hanover Research 2021
  • Logi Analytics shortens development time by 37%. – ESG Economic Value Analysis 2021