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Beyond Bar Charts: How to Build Better Visualizations

Data visualization encompass more than just bar and pie charts. Learn how to display the right visualization for the right data and discover how to make them look modern by leveraging other libraries.

Self-Service Styling 101

Get to know our self-service module and how you can customize and style it with template modifiers, CSS, and JavaScript.

The Art of Responsive Design

Learn what it means to be responsive and not only deliver analytic applications, dashboards, and reports to your users, but also how to build once and deploy to all devices by leveraging common tools.

Style This: Your Analytics Toolkit

Discover ways to style and brand your applications with powerful tools like CSS, JavaScript, bootstrap, font libraries, and other common web frameworks.

What's New

The New Self-Service Experience

See a demo of Logi's powerful new authoring and self-service capabilities.

By Popular Demand: New Must-Have Features

Take an up-close look at the newest Logi enhancements in mapping, bookmarks in a database, and the new functionality in the analysis grid.

Five Use Cases for Logi Predict

See how practical, predictive insights can improve your application.  Use cases include:  customer churn, sales, predictive maintenance, fraud detection, and default payments.


The New Way to Access Data 

Get an in-depth look at dataviews, the new way to access data in Logi. See how the enhanced process impacts data requests, management, and updates to your applications.

Unlock Your Data:  Guidance from Our Architects

The three most common roadblocks to scaling good data architecture.

Introducing Logi Predict

Meet our new capability, Logi Predict, and learn how your team can include predictive models in your application.  Logi Predict uniquely allows end users to re-train the algorithms on your own data.


Logi 101: Building Embedded Analytics

Learn how easy it is to build an application from scratch with Logi, including dashboards, visualizations, and embedding in your existing application.

10 Solutions From the Expert-On-Demand Team

Explore 10 of the best extensibility solutions from our expert-on-demand team and how you can apply them to your own security and scalability needs.

Security Fundamentals

Get an overview of Logi's unique security model, from data- and application-level security to multi-tenant deployment options.

Mastering Plugins

Learn how to use Logi's flexible architecture to extend the functionality of your application.

Make Applications Smarter.

May 8-9, 2018  |  Washington, DC


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