Empowering application perfection

Our portfolio of products allow you to quickly build and embed dashboards, pixel-perfect operational reports, predictive analytics, and self-service analytics into your applications. What makes us different from other vendors? Logi is the only analytics platform exclusively focused on embedded analytics and designed specifically for product managers and developers.

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Deliver your roadmap on a timeline that matters.

As your application becomes more successful, your end users will want more advanced analytics capabilities. Can you keep up? Since embedded analytics is all we do, we spend time in R&D so you don’t have to. Our patented technology helps you stay competitive.

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Create superior user experiences.

  • Easy-to-use visual authoring workflow
  • Engaging, interactive dashboards without coding
  • Reusable visuals
  • Custom theming
  • 100% extensible

Reduce costs by standardizing your development.

Save time, improve developer productivity, and reduce costs with a fully documented embedded analytics platform. Because Logi uses your existing data infrastructure and security framework, there is no need for redundant technology investments and on-going maintenance efforts.

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Invest in your success.

More than 2,200 application teams have trusted Logi to power their businesses with sophisticated analytics. It’s because we are committed to customer success. Our proven onboarding and support programs give you everything you need to get your application into production.


Working together for amazing results.

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  • “One developer working in Logi freed up five developers to focus on closing other requirement gaps.”

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    Success Stories
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